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How to Train Your Dragon 3 is a cartoon about a boy who was able to make friends with the rarest dragon on earth - a Night Fury. The boy caught the dragon and let him go because he wanted to be friends with him, not keep him in chains. The Night Fury responded with kindness and considered the young Viking a good man and befriended him - so began the story of the cartoon in Part 1. In Part 3, Toothless and Hiccup (the boys and the Night Fury) met the Day Fury, whom the evil character wanted to take with him. The dragons and Vikings teamed up to fight back against the dragon hunters and won. In this collection we have collected coloring pages of many dragons and characters from the children's cartoon. You will be able to download or print a coloring page in good quality. You only have to choose a coloring page and spend your time with pleasure.